The incredible response after elderly Sheffield woman blown over by gale-force winds

Kind-hearted motorists have been praised for helping an elderly Sheffield woman blown over by gale-force winds.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 8:34 am

Storm Gareth hit the UK last week, with high winds and torrential rain battering Sheffield.

The city was even hit by thundersnow last Monday with some parts of Sheffield waking up to a blanket of snow.

Winds of up to 50mph were recorded in Sheffield on Friday, with one strong gust of wind blowing over an elderly woman outside the Sword Dancer pub on Handsworth Road.

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Luckily, a handful of helpful motorists stopped their cars to come to her aid with one Sheffield resident praising their actions.

Bethany Malone posted: “An elderly woman was blown over by the wind outside Sword Dancer this afternoon.

“To all those who stopped their cars and ran to her aid: we were a few cars behind and stopped to make sure you were all okay but didn’t want to overwhelm her.

“We saw you get her into one of your cars (seemingly to take her where she was going).

“To see an instant display of people wanting to help others was lovely and if those who helped can read this, a big well done we hope the lady is okay.”

The elderly woman sustained minor facial injuries following the incident but is recovering well.