Increase in traffic pollution

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I refer to your article (Saturday March 28) and subsequent letters regarding traffic pollution.

I wonder how the good people of Sheffield would respond to the headline “Sheffield increases traffic pollution by at least 50 percent yet again” and yet this is true every time another 20mph zone is enforced.

It only takes simple arithmetic to calculate that a journey at 20mph takes half as long again as one at 30mph. That’s 50 per cent longer and 50 per cent more pollution – in fact even more if you allow for the fact that many vehicles will have to drop down a gear and increase their engine revs and exhaust fumes.

So many of the traffic controls that have been introduced have been aimed at slowing traffic down rather than encouraging it to run smoothly. The fact that we so often see queues of stationary traffic speaks for itself.

Do we really care about air pollution?

Tom Baker

Kenwood Park Road, S7