Incorporate the old with the new at the Jessop

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Glad to say that I’m back reading your Take Two section now that the font’s been changed at last.

However I must take you to task regarding the Jessop article. We conservationists are all aware of the importance of the new engineering facility and are eager to see it happen. We are not seeking to stop the development but merely attempting to incorporate the old with the new.

Initially, the Edwardian wing was to have been incorporated within the facility, and still could be if the university were to make their piazza a tad smaller.

What has been fed to the public and the media is the opinion that the Edwardian wing is somehow inferior to its Victorian cousin.

This is a total fallacy as the building is of equal architectural and historical merit, which is why it was Listed Grade II in the first place. Both were designed by the famous architect John Dodsley Webster within 20 or so years of each other, the latter to complement his original masterpiece and as such they stand balanced on the site as a pair.

The ‘dazzling new building’ to which you refer is an abomination and of no architectural merit. As with most modern buildings its lifespan will be 30/50 years and I cannot foresee a similar campaign to save it when it too bites the dust after it has quickly become very tired. The Victorian wing will however still be standing and so should the Edwardian one.

Howard Greaves