Inconsiderate us drivers

I am getting fed up with the inconsiderate bus drivers in Sheffield.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 6:01 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 6:05 am

I do not know whether I get the same driver each time, or are they all so inconsiderate?

You get on the bus and either pay or show your pass and then before you have time to sit down the driver sets off at terrific rate and one is thrown down the bus.

This happened to me again last Friday and how I kept my feet I do not know, I could see myself on the floor with a broken leg or hip.

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Fortunately I managed to grab a pole and shot onto a seat, not very dignified and in doing so I hit my side on the edge of the seat but at least I did not hit the floor.

I have been to other towns where they have a policy of waiting for passengers to be seated before moving off and also passengers do not get up to get off until the bus stops.

Could this be implemented in Sheffield or is everyone in such a big hurry?

Does anyone agree with me?



Time for change

Putin has just been re-elected again and at the same time Julie Dore, the Labour Leader of Sheffield City Council ,has sent us a message about our 6 per cent increase in Council tax bills.

What do these events have in common? They are examples of people and parties that no matter what they do during their term in office people keep voting for them to continue in power. They do this by relying on spin, by claiming they are victims of external forces, by implementing policies against the people often using unnecessary force.

The message from Julie Dore asking us to pay twice the cost of inflation in local council tax tries to lay the blame on everyone except the Labour Party in Sheffield.

Unlike previous years, there is not a full breakdown of where the money goes.

This is not accountable democracy it is more akin to Putin’s one-party state. The only way we can break this cycle is by voting for people who listen and deliver for the people they serve.

The current lot are no longer worthy of our votes.

S Geary

by email

Wincobank bus service

I want to write about bringing the bus companies to account over the shocking service Wincobank is receiving from the public transport system, it is the number 3 route from Meadowhall which seems to operate as it pleases.

In a way often leaving passengers stranded, not only from Meadowhall but all along the route sometimes one-one and a half hours, which then leaves the public having to have taxis to get them to their destinations.

Last year the bus company decided to stop the 35 bus route which provide the public with transport travelling up Standon Road, which is a very steep hill.

It then provided transport to Newman Road proceeding along Shiregreen Lane where there are facilities but no bus is available.

To name but a few there is a dentist, residential care home, school, cemetery, Concord Sports Centre, two working men’s clubs and residents, who own their property.

There are eight bus stops not being used that operate past these facilities.

I have been in touch with the transport councillor, had meetings, phone calls, emails but he doesn’t seem to be helping the distressed public.

I understand that Sheffield City Council do not own the bus company and that it is a private concern but Sheffield City Council own the routes and are not giving us, the public, a good service.

Ann Bentley

Chair of Wincobank Tenants & Residents Association

Dodgy Russians

Can you imagine the outcry if Jeremy Corbyn received a minimum of £20,000 from London-based Russian oligarchs as Theresa May has since becoming Tory leader?

Why are these dodgy Russians now living here donating to the Tory party?

S Ellis


Where is the money spent?

So the Mayor and her puppets decided to go for a below country average of 3.9 per cent for the increase in the poll tax for 2018/19 just to shout from the rooftops, “We are the cheapest!” BIG DEAL.

They also stated what glorified works they are going to start over the coming months. “Hurrah”.

What they never stated was what kind of services we are going to receive.

I am talking about the lack of street cleaning/flytipping, highway maintenance and children’s services.

This Labour-run authority would rather spend millions on fantasy schemes that will cause the closure of the town centre as we now know it.

Why don’t the powers that be be honest with the ratepayers and give us a detailed account of where and by how much they have overspent in the different directorates and just what an unbelievable amount of money has over the last year been spent on consultants, and is still being spent on them.

Haven’t the council anyone that can do the job they are employed to do and get paid ludicrous salaries?

If this was the case with the blue-collar workers they would be shown the door.

As a matter of fact, what is the ratio between white-collar and blue-collar? 5 to 1 at a guess.

Doncaster, along with other councils, shouts out for a Yorkshire elected mayor, but before that ever happens we have to change the structure of this town both politically and higher management wise.

Otherwise, this town will keep on being desecrated.

R Fitzpatrick


Salisbury poisoner

How come no one spotted the poisoner at his dirty work.

Surely someone must have seen him in one of those big yellow suits, that he must have worn for his own protection.

T Walker