In Sheffield tha dunt ger owt for nowt

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I was interested to read the article on Monday about the Sheffield United co-owner Prince Abdullah, and how much influence he still has at the club.

I am sure that when he bought into the Blades, their fans thought it was the dawning of a new era with the Prince splashing some of his vast fortune on players good enough to get the team back up the leagues.

I have no doubt that many of them were disappointed that in terms of promotion, they failed.

I am a Wednesday supporter and I would have loved to have the Blades promoted, so that we could have the derbies again.

Although the Blades bought a lot of new players, I had never heard of most of them. They were not the sort of players I was expecting the Prince to attract to the club, and I do wonder how much of his money he put into the purchase of players? It seems Blades supporters probably had high expectations of the calibre of player the club were going to bring in, and I can understand their disappointment.

Over at Hillsborough we may have a similar situation. A new owner with a lot of money, and supporters with the hope that a lot of that money will be invested in building a team to take the club forward. I am afraid that building a team on over-the-hill has-beens, loan signings and players from the lower divisions will be way below the expectations of supporters. A new pitch and scoreboard will mean nothing if the team fails to, at least, make the play-offs. As the Star reporters have said, no-one knows how much he intends to spend on the team. Up to now his biggest investment seems to be in the committee that’s going to run the club, and if they are not all pulling in the same direction then Wednesday will be in big trouble.

Both sets of supporters can only sit back for the next couple of months and see what happens with regards to player acquisitions. Neither club is going to achieve anything unless big money is invested in players. Success with a modest outlay rarely happens in football these days, and when it does it is rarely sustained. Let’s hope both club owners get their hands in their pockets and at least try to get decent players in for next season.

As we say in Sheffield, “Tha dun’t ger owt for nowt”. Let’s hope the owners subscribe to that sentiment too. The summer will be very interesting for both Blades and Owls fans.

S Collins