In defence of my views of Lord Mayor

Sheffield Lord Mayor Councillor Magid Magid
Sheffield Lord Mayor Councillor Magid Magid
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In defence of the views I expressed in a recent letter, (Star, May 29), I would like to make a final comment on the appointment of the new Lord Mayor, Magid Magid, and subsequent responses in The Star.

We have surely reached a sorry state when, due to political-correctness, one cannot criticise opinions of someone from an ethnic background without being regarded as racist which I find offensive.

There was in fact only one published letter that could be placed in that category but the others, including my own, raised some very valid points and were certainly NOT racist and if, as he says, Magid has received abuse then that is totally unacceptable.

My objections to some of Magid’s proposals, such as attacking our ‘outdated’ traditions and monarchy, were made because I didn’t think his views were befitting to his new role of office, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the colour of his skin.

He said he wanted to bring changes to the ‘archaic’ role of Lord Mayor and council meetings, but appeared to overlook the fact that the Council Chamber is a place for serious debate on issues that affect people’s lives and not a platform for musicians, magicians and rapper poets which he wanted to introduce.

I also felt that Nancy Fielder’s editorial comments, (May 29), were ill-judged and extremely insulting to the people of this city when she said that average Sheffielders have built their ideas through “rumours, gossip and in some cases lies”, presumably referring to those who have made critical comments about Magid Magid.

In all my years of writing I have based my opinions on truth, fact, honesty and integrity which are the values I was brought up with.

It is interesting to note that in Magid’s latest statement (Star, May 31) he makes no mention of his previous comments in which he said if anyone is ruffled by any departures from long-standing traditions he won’t be concerned as ‘they will just have to adapt’.

Perhaps on reflection he now realises that his views aren’t compatible with the role bestowed upon him and that as Lord Mayor he has a duty to respect our country’s customs and traditions.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10