Impressionable age

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there has been quite a lot of talk about a government-sponsored child sex survey being proposed.

I don’t know if it will actually happen, but I do think we should write to our MPs to protest.

Our liberal sex attitudes have not been at all helpful in recent years (teenage sex and infections, teenage abortions etc). It is not ‘PC’ to say it, I know, but homosexuality is a developmental problem in most cases and most of us DO go through a phase of attraction to the same sex when we are about 11 or 12, both males and females.

It usually passes in about 12 months.

In my day (I’m 64 with four children and four grandchildren) it was known as having a ‘crush’ on someone.

If you get a team of researchers coming round at this time and asking lots of personal questions about these feelings, you will certainly get some interesting results.

But, no doubt, it will be accompanied by some statements by the researchers suggesting that ‘these feelings are quite normal and you may be gay and this is quite normal and generally to be encouraged.’

And this will unfortunately tip the balance just at the wrong time and cause more people to develop in that direction.

We, as parents, helped by teachers, should certainly answer questions about sexual matters by children of this age but don’t go down the road of interviewing them in depth about these matters at such an impressionable age.

Dr Steve Brennan, Consultant Physician, Sheffield