Immigration problems

Theresa MayTheresa May
Theresa May
In his letter printed in The Star today, Michael Parker makes reference to a letter I had printed on July 14 outlining several things I thought our new Prime Minister needed to achieve before she could claim to have done her job.

Can I just clarify that when I said she needed to reach nil unemployment and be able to guarantee a million new jobs every year, I knew it was a very unlikely scenario.

My comments were about the effect of mass migration which affects all walks of life. My point was that with one and a half million people in the UK unemployed, what is the justification for importing more low or unskilled labour?

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Why are we not teaching the British unemployed the skills they need to get a job, instead of allowing people into the UK who are as unskilled as our own unemployed?

I see no justification for it. Secondly, on the point of creating a million jobs per year, we all know the Tories have spent six years trotting out the fact that they have created one million jobs per year. Apart from the fact that is sounds like a piece of fiction to me, what quality are these jobs? How many jobs have been lost in the UK over this period?

Many of the jobs that have been created merely replaced jobs lost, but often at a lower level of pay.

If we add up the number of people who are going to lose their jobs each year to the number of our youngsters leaving school, plus net immigration currently running at around 400,000, then we are going to need a million jobs per year.

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I don’t expect the UK to actually produce a million well-paid jobs year on year, forever, it just isn’t going to happen.

If we don’t need these low-skilled people coming into the country, and we don’t have work for them because we cannot keep creating jobs for those already here, then it is unsustainable.

This idea that anyone coming to this country and not having a job after six months gets sent home, is laughable.

Having worked in the immigration sector, I know this is just Government spin.

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More people coming into the country with no more skills than our own unemployed, wanting housing that we haven’t got with over a million people on waiting lists already, putting pressure on our schools, NHS and infrastructure cannot be justified.

Until we have all the jobs and infrastructure we need, Theresa May cannot justify allowing unnecessary immigration to continue unabated. Which was the point I was making in my original letter.

I didn’t go to university, and I admit I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I can add up.

Steve Collins

by email