Immigration and referendum

I have just been watching yet another TV programme about groups of immigrants sleeping rough in London, the mess they are creating, begging, and their antisocial behaviour.

The police give them a 48-hour dispersal order, and after 48 hours they return. What’s the point of that, and what a waste of police resources? MPs are always telling us how much immigrants pay in taxes, but never mention economic migrants like these. If they are coming for a better life, shouldn’t they be looking for work, not begging and making a mess? Most, apparently, don’t speak any English, so how will they get work? The system is totally flawed.

Then I watched a political show in which one misguided soul trotted out, as many of the stay-in brigade do, that there are the same number of Brits retired, or working, in Europe, as there are immigrants in the UK, and therefor immigration is OK.

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If you have two million Brits in the vastness of Europe, they will be so dispersed that you would hardly notice them, and they are not going to have a lot of effect on jobs and housing in any one country. That is much different to having two million immigrants in a small landmass like the UK. If the two million Brits in Europe suddenly started arriving in relatively small Belgium, I suspect that there would soon be an outcry from the Belgians about lack of housing, changes to their way of life, lack of jobs, pressure on their services etc. It’s also likely that more Brits going to mainline Europe will be as a steady trickle each year, but with mass migration across mainland Europe no one knows how many immigrants will try to get into the UK from all the European countries every year.

Let’s also remember, that many more countries are expected to join the EU and thus have freedom of movement to the UK. Dispersing two million Brits in the whole of Europe is far different from having the same number of people coming to the UK. It’s a stupid comparison and a stupid justification for accepting more immigrants into the UK