I'm writing to complain

There seems to have been an increase of late in people writing to the letters page in order to complain about people writing to the letters page, so I am writing to the letters page to, err, complain.

The three ‘culprits’ are named as Terry Palmer, EB Warris and Jayne Grayson whose collective sin is to write in too frequently.

I have taken issue with several of Mr Palmer’s letters myself, and I am sure that Mr Warris has broad enough shoulders to cope with my contention that many of his offerings are drivel.

I quite enjoy some of Ms Grayson’s remarks but I do not expect my saying so to be the high point of her week.

Taking exception to what people say is one thing but complaining because they take the time and trouble to express their views, which seems to be the only fault those who are writing in can find with the above, is another matter.

I would not myself suggest that the complainants lack understanding of the purpose of such a letters page as the Star runs but if anyone else wants to that’s fine by me.

Stephen Crowther