I'm all for leaving EU

As predicted David Cameron/Chamberlain came back from the EU claiming he had a good deal.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 10th March 2016, 6:23 am
Updated Thursday, 10th March 2016, 6:26 am

A deal that still has to be voted on, and ratified by all 27 EU members, and this won’t happen before the referendum on June 23, 2016, if at all, because the poorer countries that benefit from our contributions and welfare benefits, won’t want us to leave.

There are myriad facts that he is not mentioning however, such as:

From October 2016, 75 million Muslim Turks, (more than UK’s population), will be granted visa-free travel to the EU, making Syria the EU’s neighbour as EUrabia is extended, and allows even more migrants free passage to the French Channel ports.

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If we vote to remain in the EU, we would eventually be forced to adopt the Euro by 2020, the currency which impoverished every country that adopted it.

If we remain, the EU will progressively seek more and more money, and start raiding people’s bank accounts, just as they did in Cyprus.

If we remain, any ‘deal’ Cameron strikes can be overturned at will by the Commission using their enabling clause.

He is scaremongering to try and keep us trapped in the restrictive practices of the EU straitjacket, when if we are outside the EU, we would be free from constraint and could trade with whoever we want, like other countries do, and how we ourselves used to in the Commonwealth.

The EU needs our contributions, because we are one of the largest net contributors to this corrupt new Roman empire, and any money that does filter back to us must be spent on vanity projects of the EU’s choosing, because of conditions attached to the money, by the European Investment Bank. It never directly benefits or helps the people.

The EU is too big and fragmented, to deal well and effectively with crises, as the refugee crisis has shown us, and it has not helped to deal with the illegal squatter camps on our border.

The EU will use your own taxes against you to fund the Keep Britain In campaign, and it will mobilise the Marxist rent-a- mob to shout down any who want to leave.

Think how good this country could be if we had the £45 million a day we send to the EU, to spend on British infrastructure and services, and how much our fishermen will benefit from us having control of our own offshore waters again.

Small business would not be hampered or prevented from competing with EU businesses, and the Government would be able to support our industries against competition.

Iceland, Norway and Switzerland successfully trade with the EU, but are not part of it, and we could be too if we vote to leave.

I’m all for leaving the corrupt, totalitarian, failed experiment in social engineering that is the EU.

Rex Poulton

by email