Illegal parking is being overlooked

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As a bus driver in Sheffield, I am continually frustrated at not being able to alight my passengers at the correct place at the bus stop pull-in at West Street and Leopold Street.

We are instructed by our employers only to let passengers get off the bus at the raised curb and tactile paving area at the stops. That way every passenger, including the elderly and disabled, know where the bus will stop. It makes it simple and safe. Why am I frustrated enough to write to you? Licensed black cabs using the pull-ins as a rank. Not one cab just picking up or dropping off but four, five or six cabs forming a rank.

The buses therefore cannot drive into the safe area to pick up or drop off passengers, instead having to stop in the middle of the road causing delays. Imagine trying to get a wheelchair user off the bus in the middle of West Street. The cab drivers don’t seem to care. They appear to lose all understanding oof the English language when spoken to about it or simply sit there.

The road and parking signs are there for all to see. “No Stopping except local buses” is simply ignored. The signs do not have any time restrictions so they apply 24 hours a day.

Neither parking services nor the police seem to take any interest in this illegal parking. Why is that? Why is the law of parking restrictions not being upheld? Do the signs not apply to black cabs?

If I parked my family car in the same place I would be pounced upon and issued with a penalty notice.

I have spoken at some length with Sheffield Parking Services and still no action has been taken to combat the problem. They say they are under-staffed and finish at 8.30pm, so after that time it’s not their problem.

The main times this illegal parking can easily be seen is from 6.30pm until midnight every day of the week but worse on the weekends.

The police simply drive past the problem. Taxi licensing say it is nothing to do with them. Traffic regulations department at the council agree the law should be upheld but it’s not their problem.

Can you imagine the uproar if five double-decker buses parked up at the station taxi rank?

So who will deal with the law breakers on our behalf? I think maybe it will be ignored as it is much easier that way for the authorities.

John Maher