'I'll keep on growing cannabis' says arrested Sheffield hairdresser

A Sheffield hairdresser who was arrested on suspicion of dealing cannabis has vowed to continue growing the drug she says helps alleviate her long term health problems.
Cannabis user, Lisa Andrews.Cannabis user, Lisa Andrews.
Cannabis user, Lisa Andrews.

Lisa Andrews, 41, of Keats Road, Fox Hill, was arrested on Wednesday, April 25 as part of a police blitz which turned up £40,000 of illegal drugs in the area.

Officers say they found 50 cannabis plants in her house, but Lisa says she needs that many to make the oil that she hopes will ease her suffering.

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She is now vowing to defy the authorities and continue to use and grow the class B drug - arguing she has no choice but to break the law.

She said: "I am a law abiding citizen - I have never even got a speeding ticket or a fine.

"In the report on the Star website on it, all the paraphernalia has been put together in one photo to make out that I am some sort of drug cartel person - it is ridiculous."

Lisa says she used to buy the drug but began to grow it after losing the hairdressing business she relied upon for income.

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She says it helps her with a range of serious conditions she suffers from - including heart problems, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, bad circulation and nausea.

"I can't afford to keep buying it but I know for a fact that it helps me and my condition," she says.

"If they cant treat me I am going to do it myself - I am an intelligent lady and I know what is right for my body."

She says the situation is made even more farcical given the amount of cannabis the UK produces each year for medicinal and scientific use.

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"In 2016 the UK produced 95 tonnes of cannabis - they are the biggest dealer in the world," she says.

"Yet, they say it has no medical or therapeutic value at all. Why do they make so much of it then?"

"It is just inconceivable for a government to say they wont approve it yet still export it to the rest of the world."

The police arrested Lisa for cannabis possession with intent to supply with suspected cultivation and she remains under investigation.

She says she will continue to grow the drug and has even got in touch with South Yorkshire Police to ask for clarification of the law, but so far has got no response.