Ignored by grim reapers

Grass verges
Grass verges
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The many letters of complaint about the uncut grass around Sheffield are fully warranted and it’s quite correct that people should be upset about the situation.

As many people know, I live on Gleadless Valley and there is a case to complain about. Several of the grassed areas have been cut twice this year while some have yet to be cut. Acase in point is near Spotswood Road and the junction of Leighton and Gleadless Road.

Looking at the grass several weeds give a clue that it’s been ignored by the “grim reapers”.

Dock weeds are now setting seed and they look over two feet tall, cow parsley is also the same height and in full bloom and the grass has gone to seed.

I don’t mind this growth explosion at this spot as it’s also covered by buttercups, daisies and other wild flowers.

What makes this particular area look bad is the unkempt footpaths that run along and through the grass. The encroaching grass has been cut back once last year and that was the first time in years it was done.

It’s got to be done on a regular basis and when the grass does get cut the cuttings are left and invariably gather where the paths and the grass meet, which gives a good growing medium for the seeds of grass and weeds. Come on council, get it moved!

Nearby on Spotswood Drive behind the maisonettes weeds have been left for year upon year to grow and spread.

The council ask for suggestions on what they can do to improve the estate. If they can’t see what should be done they shouldn’t be in the job.

Close to where I live some grass has been cut while just two yards away some has been left. Why?

I would have thought that a certain area should be cut all in a day, not here, there and everywhere.

Do the more affluent areas of Sheffield get the same service? Are their grass cuttings taken away? Are the edges kept neat and orderly?

The reason I ask this is not too long ago one autumn morning when I was going to work, I noticed on Ecclesall Road South several council employees sweeping up and removing leaves from the pavement.

I have never, ever seen that happen on any council estate, the leaves are just left at the mercy of the wind as the grass cuttings are.

Care and maintenance is called for when managing large grassed areas.

Removing the grass cuttings reduces the growing medium for seeds of grass, weeds and trees.

You just cannot leave things to control themselves.

It just won’t happen, plus the spraying of weed killer along the edges of the grass just makes it look unsightly, whereas a clean cut tendered edge looks far better .

Am I in dream land?

Vin Malone

Gleadless Valley, S14

Isn’t a tax rebate due?

Now that we never get the grass cut and the streets swept and litter cleaned up isn’t a rebate overdue to the folks who pay their council tax?

I’ve never seen the streets and verges looking so filthy and unkempt.

Taxpayers are paying for a service we are not getting.

Maybe if we all held off paying and paid a month in arrears they may take notice.

Ken Tomlinson

Sheffield, S9

Power over nature

Are trees taking over the planet, they are everywhere?

If some sort of control wasn’t taken we would be overrun by them.

The removal of trees causing damage or in the way of progress need to be sorted.

Humans need to have power over nature and harness it to their needs.

People and nature need to live in harmony and that includes trees, or les arbres as the French say.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14

Welcome and praise

I am nervous about writing to the Star since I was quoted out of context in a very unpleasant article, but I will overcome my nervousness in order to return to my original theme.

I would like to remind your correspondent CM Langan, ( Letters page, Saturday, June 9), that it is perfectly possible to welcome and praise Magid Magid as our Lord Mayor without insulting those who went before.

I am tired of hearing Sheffield’s previous First Citizens described as stuffy, but to refer to “some officious, pompous old ‘horse and cart’ who knows nothing about the people or area he’s serving and has probably never even been to the more deprived ones” is not only untrue but deeply insulting, not to mention ageist and sexist.

It is in fact beginning to sound like the bullying and abuse that you rightly deplore.

Catherine M Davison

Charnley Avenue, Sheffield, S11

Gender equality

I have just heard a debate on the radio regarding women prisoners.

The argument was being made was that women with children shouldn’t get prison time as many have kids to take care of.

I can imagine the prisons are full of men who have kids so why are they not spared time locked up either then?

If you commit a crime, male or female, and you are caught you get punished.

If you are being sent down what gender you are shouldn’t matter.

Women can’t ask for the same rights as men but yet going to prison they want to play by different rules.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Can’t listen to shrieks

I had to put the TV on mute during Halep v Stephens at the French Open.

Halep shrieked so loudly at every shot.

I hope they ban it before Wimbledon

D Wragg

Sheffield, S35