If your heart’s in it - give fostering a try!

Rosie Garnett
Rosie Garnett
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A single Sheffield foster carer has spoken out about her reasons for deciding to foster.

Rosie Garnett, aged 30, said: “I have taught primary and SEN children for nearly 30 years and that’s where I think my desire to become a foster carer began. As a teacher I felt frustrated that I was unable to give the help and support in the way I thought some children needed. I think that it’s difficult for a child to learn if their heads are full of anxiety, fear, confusion or pain.

“I came across FCA years ago when I picked up an information leaflet at a fostering event and kept their details for years. My adult children, friends and family were all very supportive and were always part of my conversations and thoughts right from the beginning, once I decided foster caring was for me.”

Rosie explains that fostering isn’t without its challenges and that carers need to be resilient: “I have a lot of different types of fostering placements and have developed a resilience I didn’t have before. I also have a robust support network.”

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