If you want a better life forget the bigots

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I hope none of those venting their anger on the subject of immigration voted for the Tories at the last election.

Britain is a rich country and can afford to be generous to those who need refuge.

The fact that millions of Britons are permanently locked out of a good life has nothing to do with economic migrants or asylum seekers and everything to do with the core project of the 21st century Conservative Party.

This project, (as anyone who has not been comatose since 2010 will have noticed), involves garotting the public realm and picking the pockets of the general public in order to feed the appetites of an insatiable ruling class.

To those of your readers who think their lives will be improved if people fleeing destruction and death are left to their miserable fates, I say get real.

When was that golden age before immigration changed the complexion of Britain forever, when the lion of capital lay down with the lamb of labour?

If every last immigrant left these shores the Tory Party would still dedicate its existence to screwing you.

If you want a better life, forget the bigots and the government fear-mongers and the Little Englanders of Ukip.

Vote instead for a party that dares to dismantle an unjust and wasteful system in order to replace it with the kind of society where the social and economic causes of the ignorance, fear and loathing expressed on a regular basis in letters to the Star could finally be addressed. (Such a party exists, I might add, and another should be along shortly.)

Kevin Hanson

Carr Road, Walkley, Sheffield, S6

Here’s one for the front page, how long is it going to be before we are forced to take a migrant family?

They use little children to make us feel guilty, yes I can get tearful for the wee ones but why do they go on producing more and more babies?

They are putting their children through this ordeal, not us.

We have got enough worries with our country as it is and more than enough worries and stress with our own families, our own people, many of them on the streets, not all through their own fault.

It’s got to stop, it’s a matter of time before we have a civil war. This is adding to it.

A Bassett