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Made in Sheffield emoji
Made in Sheffield emoji
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Today sees start of a public vote to complete 100+ emoji stickers depicting Steel City landmarks, phrases, food and famous faces.

Brainchild of UK start-up Fanmoji, the poll is open until August 10 with completed app released around a fortnight later.

Flippin Eck! emoji

Flippin Eck! emoji

Founder Tim Webber told our audience: "This is your city so you deserve a say.

" We’ve got 95% of the stickers ready but we thought, as we were trying to represent Sheffield and what it means to the people, we’d better let you guys at home have your say too.”

Earlier this week we reported http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/bloomin-brilliant-white-rose-your-county-emoji-choice-1-8041524 how city-based broadband provider Plusnet's Yorkshire Day quest for regional emoticon saw 6,000-plus tyke part with symbolic white rose pudding Yorkshire pud into second spot.

Now you can visit www.fanmoji.co.uk to vote for your fave in each category listed below with winner of each included in first Sheffmoji release. The vote will be shareable on social media and there will be option for voters to leave their email address so app can be sent to them.

Steel City emoji

Steel City emoji

Tim continued: "Sheffield has a strong sense of both historical and modern identity that can be seen in all the areas we’ve covered - landmarks and places, phrases, sport, food and drink, transport and geography.

"For a first release we think we’ve got a happy mix with plenty of depth to appeal to both locals and visitors. We certainly hope to add to the categories.

"The idea behind the poll is simply to give the people of Sheffield a say in some of the things that make it into the app. It’ll definitely benefit from their input.

"We hope to include the community, not just now, but moving forward as well. Any support we get is hugely appreciated.

"Sheffmoji will give people an interesting, visual way to communicate and make their messages more relevant to their everyday lives than standard emoji set allows."

Symbol illustrator Jonny Wan said: “The whole project has been fantastic. I think the most interesting aspect in creating these stickers is actually revisiting the city again.

"Having been born and raised in Sheffield, you forget just how much the city has to offer, not just in terms of landmarks, but culturally and historically too.

"The project has definitely brought a new-found appreciation for areas of Sheffield and accomplishments of the city I may have just taken for granted before."

He continued: "Most fun was definitely be the phrases, it’s what gives Sheffield its natural Northern charm and a sense of collectiveness.

"It was fun asking my friends to ask their parents about phrases they used. Again it was a trip down memory lane.

"I really hope Sheffmojis reflect how brilliant Sheffield is. Here we have an app tailored to the city, its people and all it has to offer.”

Tim added: "Sheffmoji itself is a keyboard app that you’ll be able to add to your smartphone keyboard enabling you to access emoji stickers designed specifically for Sheffield.

"The purpose is to give people a cool, highly visual way to communicate. Something’s that not only fun, but also creates a sense of pride, and is pretty useful!"

Landmarks & Places:

Which Sheffield landmark or sight, old and new, has to be in this emoji sticker story of the city? We’ve got university building, theatres, museums and the like. What else has to make the cut?

A - Adsetts Centre

B - Peace Gardens

C - The Hole in the Road


Which famous Sheffield face should we include in emoji sticker form? The winking and sad steel faces need company in there; who else should join them?

A - Robin Hood (of Loxley)

B - Nick Clegg (formerly of the government)

C - A Peak District Rambler (of the outdoors)

Street Names:

Which Sheffield thoroughfare, street, road, or whatever you want to call it, would you want to use the most?

A - Division Street

B - Ecclesall Road

C - West Street


Av a gander, tha’ know, flippin ‘eck and ow do? are in the first release, what must have phrase or word has to join them?

A - Nesh

B - Gerroff!

C - Ne-ow