If you don’t want to read them, then don’t!

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I was greatly disappointed to see educated people and members of the Green Party actively taking part in a campaign to censor us.

You may not agree with the tone or the articles they write but freedom of speech in this country should be respected and I do not see any reason why ‘lads mags’ should be removed from shops when other examples of sexism exist on the news stand, namely Cosmopolitan and Vogue which both sexualise men for the benefit of their female readers. I find it strange that this campaign only goes one way.

If you don’t want to read them you don’t have to but removing them from the shelves does not remove pictures of scantily clad women off the front of the plethora of women’s magazines out there from the gazing eye. The Green Party and feminist groups are actively involved in trying to censor us and they do not have that right.

Russell Cutts

Fairbank Road, S5