If world did nothing...

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WHAT would happen if governments did nothing about this so-called recession? The whole world would be in trouble financially, but that would be trouble for all the rich people of the world.

That would make every one equal and that’s why the powers-that-be want us to pull them out of the recession. They don’t want to be equal to us lot.

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I’ll keep laughing

I CAN’T understand why you Northerners keep voting in Labour. They were in power for 13 years and made you poorer and Southerners richer.

While you keep putting them back you will always be poor and I’ll keep laughing.

Atkinson, SN12

Take Ron with you

While taking their bagpipes back would the Scots also take that big bag of wind Ron Humberstone with them? What a plonka and didn’t he once say golf was a sport? It’s just a hobby, that’s all.

PJ, Coal Aston

Memories of markets

in 1955, when the open air market was open, I bought a dinner service from Potty Edwards ready for when I got married in February.

After all these years just the meat plate survives. I also remember the lady with the chair we sat on to get weighed. Does anyone else remember those days?

Mrs P, S14