Idlewilde, Leadmill

SOMETIMES upheaval breeds industriousness. And in the case of this enduing Scottish rock outfit, record company shenanigans have prompted an influx of Idlewild records.

Monday, 15th October 2007, 8:44 am

Alongside two compilation albums and a DVD, some eight months after one of their career best albums in Make Another World, and the former Edinburgh university chums have stepped down a peg in terms of venue size.

That's surely a bonus for us as the potency and passion of one of the most consistent British rock acts is closer to hand and, therefore, more tangible.

Singer Roddy Woomble seems in stoical mood as he and his cohorts wade through an enviable batch of hits and near misses from 10 years that have never really pushed them out of the under-rated underdog category as effectively as threatened.

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You Held The World In Your Arms and very first single Queen Of The Troubled Teens, here as a rampant encore, were among the sonic bookmarks of a career that commercial pressures could yet have hanging in the balance.

When a catalogue goes back as long as Idlewild's does it's a tough job to keep everyone happy. But to miss out When I Argue I See Shapes was a major omission in an otherwise expansive 90-minute set.

Then again last time Idlewild were in Sheffield they played the Octagon, a shape one could argue didn't suit them. Good to see them wherever - and whenever - however.