The Iconoclasts, Theatre Deli

A fast-paced, irreverent and fun-loving '˜show within a show' marks Dear Hunter Theatre's debut production.

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 2:35 pm
Updated Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, 12:59 pm

It brings together live comedy, drag, music and magic to tell the story of the fun, fiery and flawed family foursome, The Iconoclasts.

Burned by bereavement, political anger and untold secrets, the celebrity D-list Northern Irish family grow to represent a generation caught between the heartache and abandonment of the past and the reconciliation, Twitter followers and talent shows of the future.

Dear Hunter say: “They want to move on with their lives, but the past just has that way of always showing up unannounced, doesn’t it?”

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Played in by the house band, Gandhi’s Trapdoor, comedian Danny opens the proceedings at 9pm, kicking off “90 minutes of song and dance, insults and mistakes, allegations and accusations and a lot of drinking.

“Out-of-control raucous one moment, preciously poignant the next, beneath the wacky façades this family’s drama will resonate with everyone who knows they can’t choose their relations,” say the company.

The group have previously worked together in physical, musical, verbatim and immersive theatre companies.

They said: “ We are thrilled for this collaboration to bring together an exhilarating group for a truly exciting first production.”

The show is on at the venue on the Moor from Thursday to Saturday. Tickets: Deer Hunter Theatre