Iconic photos are unveiled

Slum of 1960s Britain - photo collection unveiled
Slum of 1960s Britain - photo collection unveiled
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Photographs revealing the appalling housing conditions of 1960s Britain are being unveiled for the first time.

The iconic collection will go on show at a free exhibition in the Winter Garden next month, to mark housing charity Shelter’s 50th anniversary.

Taken by documentary photographer Nick Hedges, the images offer a rare insight into life in Britain’s slums. A far cry from the swinging sixties, the photos show families in living in cold, damp and often dangerous conditions in inner cities, including Sheffield. As part of a nationwide search, Shelter is urging anyone who recognises themselves, friends or family in the photos, which will be on show from August 1-7, to get in touch.

Nick said: “When I was commissioned by Shelter to take these photographs, I never imagined that decades later they would still have such impact. The poverty I witnessed shocked me to the core.

“It’s heart-breaking to know that the conditions some people have to live in today aren’t a million miles away from the photos I took all those years ago. A home should be a place of safety and security, but too many families are having to live without.

“It would be wonderful to meet the children I photographed in Sheffield all those years ago and for them to be able to tell their stories. I often wonder what happened to them, if they went on to lead happy and healthy lives.”

Tracey Nathan, manager of Shelter’s Sheffield services, said: “Thankfully the slums of the 60s are behind us, but after 50 years this city is in the midst of another housing crisis. I’d encourage everyone to come and see these shocking and powerful pictures for themselves.”