I would spend my money visiting Magna every time

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On a thoroughly damp and depressing day, it was a marvellous experience to visit Magna Science.

Yes, along with my daughter and my four year old grandson Jake, we all had a wonderful time, reliving (in my case) the past throughout the huge complex.

The Big Melt is as good as any firework display and as it simulates the huge arc furnace in action fills the air with sparks and carbon fumes in equal measures.

My grandson particularly liked working the water cannons and enjoyed making the sea creatures spin with the force of the water jet.

The quarry area (where the kids can press a plunger) to coincide with the video screen image of a huge quarry face is truly fantastic.

As the boulders come tumbling downthe chute the children in little red metal whhelbarrows can gather them up!

Ok, they’re not real stones but lightweight potato sized plastic versions, yetthey still give the children an insight to how industry works.

The conveyors and hoppers also help the children to understand the history of the area when coal was King.

The most wonderful exhibit in Magna has to be the JCB feature where children ( and adults) can have a go at operating a real JCB jib and grabber, enabling them to scoop up a bucketful of steel bars. If it costs £25 for one person to go to a top football match and a similar cost for a family of four to visit Magna, I know where my money would be better spent - at Magna, a truly great experience, well done to all.

Geoff A Evans

Bolsover, S44