I would have been on my back

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APB of S13 raises the question whether I am calling him/his grandfather a liar regarding Churchill’s comments re striking miners ‘eating grass’?

Churchill - a hero to my Communist-leaning grandfather apparently - remains a hero of mine - albeit a flawed one - however much that might stick in some throats.

I remain bemused by the attributed comments - some comments attributed to WSC - were never made by him ie ‘rum, sodomy and the lash’ and the ‘cross of Lorraine’ relating to the Royal Navy/De Gaulle - sadly.

Marie Antoinette apparently never said let them eat cake’.

I have checked out some sources - the views of those whom WSC is definitely no hero and am no further forward.

As for my situation facing up to APB’s grandfather - I couldn’t run when I was a nipper so - being no’street fighting man’ - I left that to Mick Jagger - I would have been on my back.

Ron Clayton