I wonder at selfishness demonstrated by people

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Two letters in The Star on Monday made me sit up and wonder at the selfishness demonstrated by people nowadays.

The first was from a correspondent complaining that he had been fined by the council for driving through a bus gate on London Road.

He made no apology for doing this but moaned instead about the fact that there were no warning signs around to advise him the bus gate had cameras.

Presumably, he would have avoided driving through the bus gate had there been such signs.

The usual argument about cameras being “cash cows” to catch unsuspecting motorists followed.

It seems the council are damned for putting warning signs up to catch speeding motorists and damned if they don’t put them up to catch people driving through bus gates when they shouldn’t.

What will people expect next? A sign at the side of traffic lights to say you shouldn’t drive through them when they are on red.

The second letter was from a woman pontificating about the repulsive (her word) scenes witnessed in Goldthorpe after the death of Mrs Thatcher.

I haven’t lived in a mining community but to use words against them such as “they have harboured enormous bitterness and hatred against Baroness Thatcher and wallowed in self-pity since their pit closure” seems rich coming from someone writing from the affluent, leafy suburbs of Lodge Moor.

RA Cundy

Sheffield S20