I won’t be taking the bus again

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LAST Friday I had an appointment in the city centre and although being a car owner decided to use public transport.

When I arrived at the bus stop on East Road and not having a lot of time to spare before my appointment, I was relieved to see my bus the 51 coming round the corner.

I was the only person at the bus stop and stepped forward and signalled for the bus to stop. I was absolutely amazed when the bus went sailing past without slowing down. The bus was half full and the passengers on board turned round in disbelief to see my astonished reaction.

A few minutes later the 32 arrived and not knowing the route I asked if the bus stopped on Eyre Street. The driver replied: “I don’t know, all the streets are the same to me.” I then asked him if the bus went to the Town Hall – his reply was “I think so.”

This is no way to encourage the public to switch from using the car onto public transport and in future I will gladly pay the parking charges or even walk before I think of taking the bus again.

Karen Fox, Heeley Bank Road, Sheffield, S2