I wish they still did £10 fare to Oz

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It’s becoming quite tiresome reading certain people writing the same letters time and time again about the present government, and blaming them for just about everything.

Well, these people need to realise that just about every country in the western world have had economic problems.

Usually, the cause is that they’ve been spending more than they have earned, which if you think about it is not rocket science.

I mean, up to the present government we did have 13 years of Labour, so if they were years of plenty and the wealth was spread out fairly and evenly, why weren’t they re-elected?

Might it just have been due to them spending lots of money we didn’t have and the economy just starting to creak and greedy bankers whose responsibilities went no further than how much more money can be squeeze out of our hard-working customers.

It does have to be mentioned that Labour were going to look into the integrity of the banks and the service their customers were receiving but they did make Fred Goodwin a Sir.

They also managed to produce possibly the worst chancellor of the Exchequer this country has ever had – Gordon Brown – whose catchphrase “prudent” does make you smile, and whose sale of a large portion of our gold reserves didn’t help the financial situation we’re in now, but did help to boost his spend, spend, spend economy.

So now we have come full circle, the people who helped cause our present problems are shouting at the people who are, I hope, trying their best to help solve them

Does any of this make sense?

Remember, all the millionaire Tories and grass roots Labour shadow ministers all had top university educations – frightening don’t you think?

It makes you wish they still did that £10 assisted fare to Oz.