"I will post dog cr*p through your letter box!" Doncaster dog mess vigilante threatens to name and shame owners

An angry Doncaster dog mess vigilante fed up with dogs fouling his lawn has promised to name and shame offenders and has told them: "I will find you and post dog cr*p through your letter box."

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 11th April 2017, 3:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:34 pm
The sign outside the house in Arksey.
The sign outside the house in Arksey.

The fuming home owner has decided to take the law into their own hands and has also threatened to post photos of owners who allow their dogs to foul the property on his fence as well as tracking down addresses and posting their pet's excrement through letter boxes.

And the warning, which has been pinned to the outside of a home in Ings Lane, Arksey, also threatens to report people to Doncaster Council - along with filmed video evidence of their pets in the act.

The notice reads: "Dear Dog Walkers, BE WARNED.

"There are 3 cameras that look over these grass verges (look up and smile."

"Next time you allow your dog to cr*p on the verge, three things will happen.

"1. I will post your picture here!

"2. I will find your address and return your dog cr*p to you via your letter box!

"3. I will report you to the Council with the video evidence so you may pay your fine.

"Regular dog walkers will now that I will, and have, previously carried through on the above promises. I do not appreciate cleaning your cr*p off my lawn mower and kid's shoes!!!

"Clean it up - this is NOT a Dog Toilet!!"

One woman who has seen the sign said: "The sign this resident has displayed is what I would describe as threatening and menacing.

"It is bound to antagonise people than if a polite notice were to be placed there instead. At the time I took the photo, there was a huge pile of dog poo under the sign which says it all."

The woman added: "To my knowledge the land to which it has been placed is Doncaster Council land and has been for many years. Maybe if this resident went to DMBC to request the more expectable signs, hopefully they would supply them. This would be a much more approachable and polite way."