I will not be voting in this election

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For the first time in my 60 odd years I will not be voting in this election and will instead shred my poll card.

Independent analysis has confirmed that non of the main parties are being honest in what their tax and spending plans are and instead are happy to try and scare us with wild stories about what their opposite numbers will do if elected. That may be enough for the 1% of the population who belong to political parties and those who arrive with their placards when a leader turns up but not I think for the majority of the population who are fed up of being lied to by are political masters.

Sadly I am not surprised after all this is the same generation of politicians who lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, sent ill equipped troops to die and now fight to supress the enquiry into it.

The same expense fiddling chancers who allowed patients to die in Mid Staffs through lack of basic care. The same nonentities who allowed child abuse rather than identify the ethnicity of the perpetrators fearing it would undermine their plans for a multicultural society.

To see our potential leaders turning up at factories, schools or hospitals in their ill fitting hard hats, ties tucked in, sleeves rolled up is to see fishes out of water in work environments totally alien to them. They are not there to listen but for the photo opportunity. These are the same candidates who allow some MPs of all parties to exploit the latest scam which is to rent out their second homes paid for by us the tax payer, pocket the rent then move into a hotel and claim for that as well. Whoever stated that there were lies, damn lies and statistics and that if a politicians lips were moving he was telling you a lie had it about right. Sadly with a few honourable exceptions any newly elected MP will have the following priorities.

1. Themselves

2. Secure a post for their spouse or crony as researcher.

3. Do exactly what the party leadership tells them to do because without the party they will have to find a proper job.

4. Serve the vested interests of those who finance the party.

5. Decide now that the economy is recovering its the right time to implement their pending 10% pay rise. The only comfort I have is that the political pundits think it will be a hung parliament. Good can I bring the rope?

P Robb