I welcome challenges and new opportunities

An EU flag flies in the face of ParliamentAn EU flag flies in the face of Parliament
An EU flag flies in the face of Parliament
Ron Sanderson

Intake S12

There are so many errors within the letter from C Lundt, January 15, that it is difficult to know where to start.

I along with the 17 million people wishing to leave the EU are not afraid. I believe we are being realistic. Being in the EU for so long and at such a great cost has made me and those people realise that it's time to take back control of our own future/destiny.

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You agree that the demise of our country is factual, (albeit started in Edwardian times). I do not blame the EU for all of that but would argue that since being in the EU for well over 40 years our demise has not reduced in any way.

'Being a respected and admired team player'. What cereal packet did you get that from? The only thing the EU respects is our billions of pounds and fishing grounds.

You mention xenophobia twice in your letter and state that it means the 'fear of status loss and having to share'.

Wrong, if you take the time to read the dictionary, it means the dislike of or prejudice against people of other countries. Clearly you do not know me well at all.

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You say: 'Mr Sanderson fears the elite of the UK'. My words never mentioned fear nor the UK. The words were the EU and I even expressly named Merkel, Macron and Juncker etc, none of whom are from the UK.

You assume that my true fear is money. Untrue and quite unfounded. My concern is the loss of our ability to control our own future.

You state 'like many Brexiteers', I assert that I am in favour of people coming to this country to work.

Absolutely. People who wish to come here to work and pay their way should be welcomed and respected.

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You talk about my concern regarding the free movement of people and how would persons from the UK be treated abroad.

You chose to use Spain and ex-pats as an example bearing in mind these people have probably worked most/all of their lives and do not live abroad for free, but contribute to the local economy.

You mentioned students too. We welcome students from worldwide and not only the EU.

Do you think they live for free? Look at the student loans our kids have to pay.

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Universities abroad would welcome them and the money they generate.

You use the word fear/afraid on at least four occasions. I can only speak for myself and not assume the thoughts of the other 17 million plus.

I am not afraid at all, I welcome the challenges and new opportunities that I believe will come our way when the chains that bind us to the EU are finally severed.