I was there at great derby

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Re your piece in The Star (September 8) the United v Wednesday match you refer to ended up 7-3 to the Blades.

I was there as a 16-year-old Unitedite in 1951 and the crowd was 51,075. Hawksworth, Ringstead and Brook scored two each. Wedneday goalie Mcintosh saved a penalty from Furniss.

If my memory serves me United were leading 7-2 when Wednesday hit their third.

In the return game at Hillsborough, with Dooley on the rampage throughout the league, he was a joy to watch. United won 3-1 and Dooley scored but United centre half Latham did a good job against him. United goalie Burgin saved a penalty. The crowd that day was 65,384, unbelievable in this day and age.

Mac Millard, Longley