‘I was asked for extras:’ Sheffield massage therapist lifts lid on male clients who want sex

A former Sheffield massage therapist has revealed how she was asked for ‘extras’ during the course of her work.

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 4:39 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th January 2019, 4:43 pm
Elaine Mitchell says as a massage therapist she has been asked for 'extras'

Elaine Mitchell, 49, a married mum of two and now a life empowerment coach in the city, revealed the secrets of her old job in an interview with The Sun about the perils of massage therapy.

She was one of four women exposing the worst parts of their job – including men masturbating under the towel, being asked for ‘happy endings and customers with smelly feet.

Elaine Mitchell says as a massage therapist she has been asked for 'extras'

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But rather than help relieve pain and stress, many women in the job say they are often pestered for sexual services.

She told the newspaper: "I hadn’t long qualified as a mobile therapist when a family friend said her husband’s friend needed a massage after a car accident.

“I had always told myself ‘no men’ but agreed because of the social connection.

“My husband dropped me off with my mobile massage bed and bag full of oils.

“I walked in to red walls, incense burning and red light bulbs. In the living room I set up my massage bed and tried not to be too concerned by the samurai swords and knives on the walls.”

But the setting was all part of a plan to end the massage with sexual favours.

She said: “The guy was in a dressing gown. He took it off revealing red silk boxers. He asked me to remove them in case I stained them with my massage oil - I assured him my hands wouldn’t go near them.

“I did the massage as quickly as I could with the door in my line of vision at all times. When I was done he indicated where the envelope was on the mantelpiece.

“There were two. He told me he thought there might be extras – hence offering more cash.”

She says she has propositioned for sexual services on several occasions.

“Another time I did a massage for a friend’s husband. When I go to his feet he kicked me square in the face. He told me afterwards he was very ticklish – it was a proper kick to the chin,” she added.

“At the time I advertised Swedish massage in the local paper. The wording clearly stated “women only.”

“I’d still get blokes phoning up at all hours asking for extra services."

Elaine is no longer employed in the industry and now works as a life coach.