I view events from afar

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I am Sheffield born and bred and until recently lived on the Manor, just above Sheffield United football club.

Because of the need for work I moved to Bristol, (the home of my old university).This has enabled me to view the recent events at Bramall Lane from afar, though attending games in Sheffield when I can.

The two local clubs in Bristol where I live are too overpriced for me to attend, their season tickets being as expensive as Barcelona or Real Madrid.

As Rovers were in the Conference this seemed to verge on insanity.

I now have multiple sclerosis and require disabled facilities and the facilities in Sheffield’s Bramall Lane are also far superior.

As a born and bred Blade I find Sheffield United’s lowly league position as highly distressing as anyone, but I am also devastated by the sacking of our manager, just a season away from probable promotion to the Championship.

The past season we again took part in the League Cup semi-final and the season before that Nigel Clough saved us from relegation and guided us to the FA Cup semi-final against Hull City (in which we led commandingly at half time).

From a chairman who urged stability it appears incomprehensible that Clough should be sacked.

There appears to be a state of panic at my club that will probably cause further exile in the lower divisions for a while yet.

Jonathan Paul Munn

Sheffielder Blade for life