I think Sheffield council is not fit for purpose

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As a resident of the Darnall area for most of my life, I would like to comment on the sorry state of the area in the present day. The Labour council in Sheffield is not fit for purpose, in my opinion, and will surely be voted out of office at the next election.

With all the unemployment there is at present, nothing is being done to clear the appalling mess (litter) that makes the Darnall area an eyesore.

If the Queen was to visit Sheffield there would be panic stations in the Town Hall and I dare say that a massive clear up would be done.

Clive Betts, the local MP, must walk about with his eyes shut not to see the appalling state of Darnall.

Last October the councillors in Sheffield gave themselves a substantial increase in their salary, so money is no object.

I know some people have no pride in keeping Darnall a tidy and clean place, but you don’t see any council workmen about doing any cleaning in the area.

Am I right in saying that we all pay full council tax for the upkeep of Darnall? (or some of us). When we have a government that is thinking of building the HS2 to just save 45 minutes or so at unknown cost and the disruption of peoples lives, this idea borders on insanity.

I am now in my 80s and shall not be around if this project goes ahead so I will not see the chaos that will happen.

What is wrong in upgrading the existing mainline that we have now?

In my opinion for what it is worth, the whole idea of HS2 is to create employment for the masses (at what cost?)

Darnall pensioner