I think my letter-writing days are over, it’s time to move on

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It is often said that when doing something ceases to be enjoyable then it’s time to stop and I think I can now honestly say that’s how I’m feeling regarding my letters to The Star.

Recently, many of the responses have shown that instead of encouraging sensible debate it’s all becoming rather silly and boring and detracts from what the letters page should be about.

There will always be supporters and detractors of one’s opinions, which is as it should be, and that is why I find writing letters interesting and challenging.

So after 45 years of penning letters to The Star I think I can say I have had a good innings and will continue writing until the end of my days.

However, contrary to what many readers’ apparently think there is no hidden agenda. I do not work for The Star, I am not masquerading as other people or writing under an assumed name and no, I am not Monica Dyson as someone suggested, although I would love to possess her talent.

One correspondent referred to me as a ‘do-gooder’ (couldn’t be more wrong) and astonishingly seems to have invented letters I have never written.

As for having ‘more letters printed than anyone else’ I can only say I prefer to use my spare time doing something more rewarding than gawping at the TV screen and if my letters were not considered suitable then they wouldn’t be published – end of story.

So, after much thought and deliberation I have decided to move on and give the letter-writing a break (my critics can heave a sigh of relief) and as a freelance writer allocate more time to other projects which I have been neglecting far too long.

I shall continue to read The Star, so to all contributors to the letters page I’d say “keep writing” as the pen will always remain mightier than the sword.

Susan Richardson