I survived Great Wall of China trek - then fell off my bike, says Elisha

Challenging: Elishia trekked 100 miles along the Great Wall of China, then fell off her tandem bike.
Challenging: Elishia trekked 100 miles along the Great Wall of China, then fell off her tandem bike.
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SHE survived a 100 mile trek along the Great Wall of China - but then fell off a bike and injured herself as soon as she finished!

Doncaster grandad Jim Beachill was delighted to have got grandchildren Elishia and Jack safely through the trip of a lifetime along the world famous landmark, which at some stages has sheer drops from high up.

But then he ended up taking 12-year-old Elishia to hospital with an injured knee after she fell from a tandem bike she was on with Jack after they had completed what was a £10,000 fundraising trip in aid of Weston Park Hospital, in Sheffield.

Jim, aged 67, from March Vale Rise, Conisbrough, decided to take Elishia and Jack with him to China after they completed a walk along Hadrian’s Wall with him two year ago.

And he thought they had completed the dangerous part of their trip-of a lifetime, until the fall.

It meant Elishia, a pupil at Ecclesfield School, in Sheffield, ended up making the 7,000 mile trip home to South Yorkshire in a wheelchair, although she is back up and walking again now.

He said: “We decided to go and look at the famous terracotta warriors in the city of Xian, at the end of the walk, and Elishia and Jack wanted to go on a bike around the city walls.

“Halfway around they came off, and we had to take her to hospital.

“She was in there for two hours for an X-ray and a scan.”

Jim, Elishia and 14-year-old Jack, who goes to Stocksbridge School, Sheffield, were with a group with a guide, who stayed with them throughout the hospital ordeal.

Despite the mishap at the end of the trip, Jim was delighted to do the walk, and lost two stone in weight , getting down to 15 stone.

He said: “It was excellent, and they both thought the walk was fantastic. The toughest thing was where the walk took us to remote places, where the wall has not been reconstructed in the way it has in other parts of the country.

“At some points we were climbing next to sheer drops, in the wind and the rain. One location saw us climbing 200 yards of steps which were sloping about 60 degress.

“At points it felt like you had climbed into the heavens and could see for 50 miles. It was breathtaking.

“I think next year we’re going to take a relaxing holiday though!”