‘I stroked Casey’s hair and told her to hold on’

Casey-Lyanne Kearney, 13, who was found murdered in Elmfield Park, Doncaster
Casey-Lyanne Kearney, 13, who was found murdered in Elmfield Park, Doncaster
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THE grieving mum of murdered teenager Casey Kearney has spoken of her horror at watching her daughter’s desperate battle for life.

Casey was fatally stabbed by Hannah Bonser, 26, as she made her way through a park on Valentine’s Day.

Speaking after Bonser was jailed for life at Sheffield Crown Court, Casey’s mum Kerry Day, 32, described being ushered in to Doncaster Royal Infirmary as medics tried desperately to keep her daughter’s heart beating.

“I knew as soon as I went in how bad it was. There were people trying to resuscitate her,” she said. “They were putting blood into her but it was coming back out because an artery was severed.

“It was horrible. They were trying to clamp the artery and stop the bleed. They were doing chest compressions.

“I can’t explain what it was like. It was a nightmare. I held Casey’s hand and stroked her hair and told her to hold on. I was there about five minutes. I couldn’t bear to watch any more. I had to leave and let them try to save her.”

Kerry, of Rossington, Doncaster, said a doctor later told them nothing more could be done and took them to Casey’s bedside.

“She had a tube in her mouth and a heart monitor at the side of her and a ventilator helping her breathe.

“I just cried. I don’t think I even then thought it was real – I was hoping for a miracle.

“They left us alone just to be with her and say goodbye. I held her hand and told her I loved her. Casey was so brave. She put up an amazing fight.”

Casey was stabbed in Elmfield Park, Doncaster. Bonser must serve at least 22 years in prison for the murder.

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson and his bandmates sent flowers and a card to Casey’s family, her mum said.

Louis, 20, grew up near the schoolgirl’s Rossington home.

The note read: “Thinking of all of Casey’s family at this sad time. With love, Louis (Doncaster boy) and all of One Direction – Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn.”

Mum Kerry said: “It was amazing they took the trouble to send a card. It was a real kindness.”