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I so enjoy reading Monica’s page each Saturday. She writes such a lot of sense and history.

On June 6, she wrote of donkey-stoning steps. I used to love scrubbing the back and front steps, then using the donkey stone. My dear late mother was such a hard worker so I liked to help her.

I think I must be older than Monica as every Saturday my late sisters and I used to go to the Capital Cinema. The manager then was Telford Brown, such a posh name, Telford.

My mother’s windows were the small square panes, but cleaned with vinegar every two weeks and clean nets put up. Her washing was so spotless, in the tub, then wrung out on the old wringer. It never seemed to rain on wash days then.

We got a toffee bar on Wednesdays from the toffee man and a penny banana on Fridays from the cart with Dobbin the horse.

Such happy childhood days. Saturday nights were spent listening to the wireless.

Days were spent outside, skipping, hopscotch and pinching the pod peas from father’s lovely garden.