I say Yes to a No vote

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Can anybody tell me when the No campaign is going to start?

I have heard little from them as yet while the Yes campaign is all over the place, pushing its views.

For example, I recently received a letter purporting to come from Sheffield City Council offering me a postal vote and on the same paper was a notice asking me to vote Yes.

Is our Lib Dem council pushing the Yes campaign when they are supposed not to take sides?

On Saturday there was a big show outside the Town Hall arranged by these people with a large banner saying ‘Sheffield says YES’. Is this another council-sponsored campaign? There seems to be a lot of sharp practices by the Yes campaign!

We are only involved in this nonsense to placate the Lib Dems and to obtain lukewarm support for the present coalition government. I know that we are supposed to go easy on our so-called Lib Dem ‘colleagues’ but this matter is too important to leave to the Yes people to win it without any response from those in favour of ‘first past the post’.

So when will we hear some sensible arguments from those opposed to changing our long-standing voting system?

If nobody else will take a stand for the No campaign, I’ll make a start.

AV is complicated, expensive, unfair, un-British and gives disproportionate influence to minority parties. That’s why smaller parties are for it.

‘First past the post’ is simple, cheap, everybody has one vote, the winner is the one with the most votes and we have used this system for a very long time. Right?

Bryan Thornhill, Knab Rise, S7