I remember Gloops club

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Yes I remember the Gloops Club. My dad told me a young girl enrolled me when I was only a couple of days old. I still have my membership card and badge.

My eldest daughter was born in the old Jessop Hospital and they put her in a cot by my bed which was a Gloops cot. She too still has her card and badge, aged 60 years.

The Sheffield Blitz is still vivid in my memory even though I was only seven years old. We lived at Intake in Sheffield and I remember the sound of the German bombers and bombs falling.

My dad was a tram driver and he walked home with two other tram drivers. My mum stood at the front door talking about the glow in the sky, of Sheffield burning. She wouldn’t let me look.

Soon after the Blitz my dad joined the RAF ground staff. He’d seen bodies of women and children in the streets as he walked home and joined up to do his bit.

Sadly he passed away aged 58 years with heart disease, near to the anniversary of the Blitz, December 13, 1963.

I can remember all this and yet I look in the fridge or cupboard and ca’t remember what I’m looking for. Still I am now 82 years old.

Mrs J Audrey Trickett

Foster Way, High Green