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Letters to The Star
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I have to agree with Daniel Gage (Star, Dec 18) regarding the immigration situation. The whole thing is now getting out of hand.

On December 6, The Star reported that just under one in every three of the Roma community in Page Hall were suffering from an infectious disease, Hepatitis B, and that this was considered a priority for National Health funding. In other words, Joe Soap, who has been working and paying into the system all his life, is now watching someone else who has contributed nothing getting priority NHS treatment.

If Hepatitis B is a common illness among the Roma community then they should be screened at the place of entry into the UK, and be refused entry until they have a clean bill of health. Actually, that should apply to all immigrants. We are, in effect, knowingly importing disease.

It appears, according to your report, that there is a problem treating some of those infected as they are difficult to reach, and it only comes to light when they go to claim benefits. Benefits? According to the Government no-one can just walk into this country and claim benefits. What they mean is that they can’t claim everything, but they can claim some things that the rest of us have paid for over a lifetime of working.

To add insult to injury we now have Nick Clegg saying pensioners should share more of the burden during the current recession – pensioners who have done their stint at the forefront of hardship in the past.