I prefer a library to a council office makeover

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I feel I must write this letter to express my upset and concern over the closure of the libraries.

Unfortunately this just further deepens my despair over our current council, first it was Don Valley Stadium – a venue that the city should be proud of, not closing, and now it’s our local libraries. I live in Greenhill and we here are facing the prospect of both Greenhill and Jordanthorpe libraries closing.

When I was a child the library was a big part of my life as I read my way through all of the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton and now my step children are at a similar age and have just discovered the library and look forward to their regular visits to get a new book.

I think our council need to look closely at how they spend their money, as I am sure the majority of the communities across Sheffield would prefer a library to a council office makeover.

Sally Brown