I never got an 11 per cent pay rise like our MPs

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I agree with the sentiments of the email from Dave in Tuesday’s Star about MPs’ pay.

I was a civil servant for 40 years and retired three years ago. Despite three promotions in that time my salary reached well below half of what MP’s are now receiving (£70,000 according to Dave).

I was classed as a middle manager and in all my time in the service I never received an 11 per cent pay rise, even when an Independent Pay Review Body recommended it.

Why? Because the Government of the day always said the country couldn’t afford it and we were being held up as models of pay restraint for other sectors.

Therefore, my pay always rose by the rate of inflation unless that rate was deemed too high by the Government.

MPs have always followed a path of “do as I say and not as I do” when it comes to public sector pay.

Neither did I have the luxury of eating in a subsidised canteen, unlike the police whose canteen I was allowed to eat in on occasions.

If you take the levels of expenses MPs receive, again far out-stripping what I received for official journeys, you can understand why some members of the public feel being an MP is a bit of a lucrative business when it comes to salary and perks.