I must decline your award

First bus company
First bus company
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Ahoy there Popeye, firstly my nautical friend, the statistics are not fudged at all. First Mainline has I agree been renamed but that’s the name that everyone uses, I’ve never heard any passengers call them First Sheffield. As for the closures of offices, did they put an argument up for not closing them?

I heard First’s CEO said on Radio Sheffield that all the changes and closures that have been implemented haven’t been done to save money. Look at that squadron of flying pigs.

As for the others in the partnership, I don’t use any other bus other than First, so I cannot comment on them.

The message was obvious. The changes, whether it’s closing offices, altering routes or renewing bus passes are still chaos.

So Popeye, I would still say oi! Sheffield Bus Partnership, no! (just doesn’t trip off the tongue does it), reverse all your ridiculous changes to routes and route numbers.

So Popeye, I must decline your generous award to me and you keep it for your staid support of your employers.

Green Giant

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