I’m surprised by Terry’s letter in this day and age

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Terry Palmer’s letter of May 19, surprised me in this day and age. He draws attention to the number of gay Conservative MPs.

Setting aside the argument that sexuality should be an irrelevance in all walks of life, if gay men and lesbians are disproportionately represented in the House of Commons there could be a reason for it.

Research has shown that homosexuals tend to be disproportionately higher achievers and command a higher than average disposable income.

Whatever our opinion of MPs it is surely reasonable to assume that their success in life is not entirely due to luck, privilege or chicanery.

Finally, Terry, if you look up the Greek origin of the word “homosexual” you will find that you make the common mistake of referring to “homosexuals and lesbians.”

Lesbians are homosexuals.

Brian H Sheridan

Redmires Road, Sheffield, S10