I’m offering YOU the chance to lead YOUR city

Star Editor James Mitchinson
Star Editor James Mitchinson
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Some Editors think they know it all: this one doesn’t.

That’s why I’m offering you the chance to take a share in the editorial direction of your Star.

I took over the running of this Steel City institution exactly one year ago. The first thing I did was ask Sheffielders what they wanted, and indeed what they need their local ‘paper’ to do.

I put paper in inverted commas for several reasons: firstly some will have you believe local papers are doomed.

The Sheffield Star is doomed, they’ll tell you. Over my dead body.

The Star has a larger audience than it has had in a generation. At a conservative estimate, 75,000 people a day consume the work of my team.

And because people in and around Sheffield are so supportive of their Star, we remain the number one port of call for local businesses to get their messages out to the customers they want to reach. It’s a formula as old as Sheffield’s hills, but we’re now doing it in paper, online, on mobile and on our app.

Video killed the radio star, they said. Digital will not kill The Star.

In fact, digital has handed us the single biggest opportunity since the typewriter punched out its last letter.

But in order to ensure I’m taking good ship Star in the direction you desire, I need your help.

If you’ve got that internet, tap in: www.thestar.co.uk/dailypanel

If you haven’t, call in to York Street and demand to be a reader panellist. Our friendly receptionists will ensure you get your voice heard in the Editor’s office.

I know what you’re thinking, what’s the catch? There isn’t one. The worst that will happen is the Editor (me) will ring you to ask your opinions. Good, bad, ugly; I hope you will tell me exactly what you think.

We’ve been in Sheffield longer than most. We’ll be here longer than most. It’s entirely down to YOU that we’re here, and that’s why I’m asking YOU to decide where your Star goes next.