I’m off for some counselling

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I WAITED 17 minutes for a 75 bus from Firvale to Jordanthorpe, on Feb 17.

At about 3.30pm a bus (1) took us to Castle Market, before the driver asked us to get off – ‘No replacement driver’. The next bus took us one stop further (Fitzalan Square): ‘There is a fault with the engine, please leave the bus.’

Bus number three came along, and never moved from the High Street stop – its driver clearly had no clue how to work the ticket machine.

We all got off after sitting on the motionless vehicle for 15 minutes or so. Bus number four, to our shock, took us all the way home to the republic of Jordanthorpe, without been hijacked on Woodseats Road!

Four buses later, four drivers – and home sweet home!

It took me over two and a quarter hours to get from Firvale to Jordanthorpe. Oh what fun!

On my next journey on a First bus, I’m taking a packed lunch. I’m off for counselling now.

Thanks first buses for putting me through a damned nightmare.

Colin Jukes, Ormond Rd, S8

Some more equal than others

It was no surprise to see Coun Peter Price leap to the defence of Labour’s favoured areas policy (Feb 24). Under Labour’s plan his area can look forward to an increase of 13.5% in funding next year. Everywhere else will see unfair reductions of up to 30%, including the area that I am responsible for, which includes deprived communities like Gleadless Valley and Low Edges.

It’s no wonder he’s looking for every excuse under the sun to explain why his policy is justified. It seems we are back to the old Sheffield Labour socialist guiding principle: that everyone is equal, it’s just that some people are more equal than others.

Labour won the election last May on a promise that they wouldn’t go back to their divisive and unfair favoured areas policy. With this plan to favour a handful of areas at the expense of the rest of Sheffield they have undoubtedly broken this promise. It’s about time they started to take responsibility instead of constantly looking to blame others for their own unfair policies.

Coun Bob McCann, Chair South Community Assembly