I’m not blinkered or deluded

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To APB, S13, have you ever voted Conservative? I think not.

I have voted Labour, Liberal and Conservative and in my very younger days I even folded leaflets for a Sheffield councillor who became a Labour MP, (the late Martin Flannery).

So I am certainly not blinkered and deluded as By Email of August 13 suggests.

You say you grafted hard in the rolling mills, which I don’t doubt.

I worked until I was 67, my husband worked until he died at 59 and served in the Army, so please, no violins.

Sorry I won’t be meeting for a beer and a debate, I only drink tea.

T0 By Email, of August 13, it was OK for Harold Wilson to close 252 pits, because the NUM said so.

But to say Mrs Thatcher closed 154 for spite, that really is a childish statement, (tit for tat).