I’m no fly in the home ointment

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THREE reps from the Sheffield Homes Decent Homes team called to cite me as the fly in the ointment!

They said I’d stopped the contractors from plastering the bathroom. But not one contractor in the past three weeks has even knocked on my door.

My dog would soon alert me if a contractor had approached. The reps pointed out that it’s costly to have a contracting team visit my home from the city centre, but it’s not costly to have three reps visit me.

I desperately wanted a walk-in shower unit, being an OAP who is slightly disabled. What do I get? Another bath. But, with the size of the bathroom, one can hardly swing one’s leg over the bath side without hitting a radiator.

What joy this Decent Homes project is. Already a contractor has dropped his power tool into the bath and cracked it. Floor tiles have hardly been down a month and the colour is already fading.

Peter Godfrey, Stocksbridge