I’m just being cynical, aren’t I?

Jared O Mara
Jared O Mara
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I read with interest the interview given by Jared O’Mara MP to The Star recently.

I am sure it is a great relief to all his constituents that he has been working so effectively out of the public eye and while still suspended by the Labour Party.

So why, with all the publicity generated by the ‘#MeToo’ movement, hasn’t the Labour Party investigated the claims of misogynistic and sexist behaviour made against him?

It can’t be his health, he was out campaigning for Labour in the recent local elections. Mr O’Mara said he follows his Party’s whip, so if Labour truly believes that such behaviour is unacceptable then in all fairness to the women concerned, and to Mr O’Mara, the process should have been completed by now. His interview implies a degree of culpability at the very least. To me, it raises questions about his judgement as he admits to being swept up in the ‘laddish’ culture that he seemed happy to be part of prior to his election.

The fact that Labour has not makes me question why. Is the delay because the women involved do not occupy high-profile positions so no political capital may be gained for Labour from any investigation? Or because Hallam constituents are generally held in contempt so why bother with any concerns?

Or is it because it is in the local Labour Party’s interest to delay any investigation until it comes up with a cunning plan to get out of the impasse over its controversial tree policy while ensuring Mr O’Mara gets the credit for bringing this about (something he mentioned in his interview).

Labour can then investigate the accusations against him trusting that any past misdemeanours will be forgiven by the electorate while the council gets out of a hole of its own making.

All will be sweetness and light going into the next election and Labour’s role in the whole fiasco will be forgotten. I’m just being cynical, aren’t I?

B Masters

High Storrs, Sheffield